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Gauge Aids Tank Inspection, Measuring and Monitoring

Extech Instruments has launched their new CG206 Coating Thickness Tester.

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Extech Instruments (Nashua, NH) has launched their new CG206 Coating Thickness Tester with features that include:

  • Inspection capabilities for chemical or oil storage tanks, boilers and pressure vessels.
  • Examining newly installed equipment for quality control.
  • Periodic condition monitoring to identify potential structural weaknesses or failures.
  • A measurement range of 0 to 1350μm (0 to 53 mils).
  • Recognizes substrates being inspected and uses either magnetic induction for ferrous substrates or eddy current measurement for non-ferrous substrates.
  • A dot-matrix display that offers 8-level adjustable backlighting.
  • Measurements can be taken either one at a time (single mode) or continuously.
  • Up to 1,500 readings can be stored directly or in groups for viewing on-screen or downloaded via USB. 

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