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Editor's Pick: Portable Crane Lifts Up to 2,400-Lbs

The whole unit can fit through a 3’ door and fit in some elevators.

The Mini Crane, built by EZ Rig Crane (Ventura, CA), is a small portable crane that can be loaded on a ½ - ¾ ton pickup truck. With the ability to lift up to 2,400 lbs, depending on the weight it can reach up to 26’ high with its jib boom attachment. Features include:

  • An electric winch that will allow it to lower weights down 135’.
  • The ability for the whole unit to fit through a 3’ door and fit in some elevators. And if the elevator is too small, the whole unit can be disassembled, taken to the roof and reassembled in under ½ hour.
  • A Jib Boom attachment, which allows the user to reach up to 26’ high and 12’ out past the wheels while supporting weights up to 800 lbs.

Lifting AC units, Motors, Blowers, Fans and Ducting, etc. over tight areas has never been easier. No longer are 3-4 people needed to lift these parts from existing structures with limited access and awkward positions, and no more rigging unsafe lifts to get to a difficult location.

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