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Mouser Unveils New BOM Tool

FORTE is a new, comprehensive bill of materials management tool.

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Mouser Electronics (Mansfield, TX) has released FORTE, a comprehensive bill of materials (BOM) management tool designed to increase confidence, save time, and improve order accuracy in specifying and purchasing electronic components. Features include:

  • Access to more than four million part numbers. 
  • Quick part number, product availability, and price validation.
  • Alternative product recommendations that reduce design and product lifecycle risks. 
  • A relevancy engine that analyzes partial part numbers and descriptions to suggest the best options.
  • The ability to remember user preferences, spreadsheet layouts, naming conventions, and previous product orders. 
  • Legacy features, like translations for all supported languages, support for the most common file formats, real-time product pricing and availability, and purchasing directly from the BOM.

The new tool is available to users with a My Mouser account. For more information, visit

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