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Binmaster: What Makes 3D Level Measurement Different


Measuring material in silos and converting levels to inventory is a tall task. When material piles unevenly, calculating accurate volume measurement is difficult. See how using 3D level sensing can make a difference in processing operations.

Measures Multiple Points
A 3DLevelScanner is the only level sensor that measures more than one point with a single sensor. Technologies such as radar or laser measure only a single distance.

Volume is More Accurate
Accounting for uneven material topography in volume calculations results in much better inventory accuracy. Minimum, maximum, and average levels are reported and each measurement is weighted to deliver the best volume estimate.

3D Visualization
A 3DLevelScanner is the only continuous level sensor to display a 3D image of silo contents showing surface variations, sidewall buildup and cone up or cone down conditions.

Multiple Bin and Site Management
View the status of every silo across an operation and get automated alerts when levels reach targeted highs or lows with MultiVision software.

Works in Excessive Dust
Materials such as flour, sand, cement, resin powders, and gypsum generate excessive dust inside a silo. A 3DLevelScanner is immune to dust … detecting only the material surface.

Prevents Silo Collapse
Excessive piling on one side of the silo can cause silo structures to become weakened, permanently damaged or even collapse. 3D measurement and mapping can detect buildup before it becomes problematic.

Measures Segmented Silos
A 3DLevelScanner can measure material in a pie or wedge-shaped enclosure. The device will sense the topographical differences and deliver volume estimations for each segment of the silo.

Volume Accuracy in Large Silos
Two or more 3DLevelScanners are mounted in large diameter silos or domes to measure across the entire material surface, making the scanner the only sensor to deliver accurate volume in large silos.

If accurate volume is important to your operation, the 3DLevelScanner will help you reduce safety stock and buy smart. Count on 3D technology to help your operation level up

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