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Automated Inventory Solution for Cement Manufacturers

It puts an end to silo climbing and material shortages.

CementView is an automated inventory solution for cement manufacturers, batch plants, or ready-mix suppliers, that puts an end to silo climbing and material shortages. And makes it easy for central dispatch to prioritize deliveries to the plants and silos with the greatest need.

Plants, quarries, or portable batch plants can count on a fresh supply before material runs out and stops production, keeping construction projects on time and preventing fines due to delays.

Live inventory can be shared with suppliers, haulers, and buyers so they can also proactively participate in the supply chain.

CementView uses sensors such as non-contact radars or SmartBobs to accurately measure levels of cement, sand, or fly ash … even in the dustiest silos.

The sensors send data to the Cloud using gateways, long range transceivers, or analog expansion hubs. Then, the CementView service is accessed from a phone, tablet, or PC, or can also send data to a local PLC, HMI, or control room.

QuickViews provide a color-coded visual of current silo levels and low-level alert messages are automatically sent via text or email.

CementView lets you manage silo materials in truckloads by estimating how many truckloads it takes to fill or empty a silo ensuring drivers an entire delivery will fit in a silo without messy overfilling.

The CementView dashboard lets you sort inventory by silo, material, or plant location and you can place orders directly with suppliers and manage delivery routes and schedules.

Best of all, CementView is affordable. An annual subscription is about 10 cents per silo per day.

You can have as many company or supplier users as you like  and the setup, training, and software upgrades are free.

It’s time to make everyone’s job easier.

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