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BinMaster AgriView

AgriView is an inventory management solution made for everyone that works in agriculture.

It’s used by farmers, grain storage facilities, feed manufacturers, seed companies, fertilizer, and agrochemical companies.

AgriView uses sensors for level measurement along with AgriView software to simplify and automate inventory in bins, tanks, and silos.

It’s an affordable, subscription-based service that’s charged based on the number of bins you need to measure.

AgriView is built on BinMaster’s BinCloud platform that’s also used in BinView and FeedView inventory management programs.

AgriView lets you monitor inventory levels and place orders whether you are working on-site or remotely with the confidence your inventory data is stored securely in the Cloud.

You access data from a phone, tablet, or PC via the internet.

Or use the BinCloud app on your phone—available from google play or the app store. It’s free with your AgriView subscription.

With AgriView, you don’t need an IT department or corporate servers. All you need is a connection to the internet.
No geeks.

Use AgriView at a single site or all your locations. Monitor hundreds of vessels … and easily add or delete bins, tanks, or locations.

AgriView constantly updates your inventory with new sensor readings.

Automated alerts via text or email let you know when levels are low.

If you manage inventory by the truck or tanker load, you can see how many trucks it will take to fill or empty a bin or tank.

Bins won’t get overfilled. Life is easier for purchasers placing orders and drivers making deliveries.

You can run reports in excel or PDF format with the push of a button.

When AgriView is updated with new features, there is no cost to you and software upgrades are installed automatically. Completely hassle free!

You also have real people in Lincoln Nebraska you can call, live chat, or email when you have a question.

BinMaster has level sensors for all your vessels storing solids or liquids.

We’ll let you know whether a radar, laser, SmartBob, 3D, or ultrasonic sensor will work best for you.
Images of the sensors.

If you already have level sensors, with a 4-20 mA, Modbus, or HART output, you might not even need new sensors.

If you work in anything agriculture, AgriView can help you stay on top of your inventory AND off the top of bins.

To get a quick demo or price quote call 800-478-4241 or email [email protected].

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