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BinMaster: Resin View

Are you tired of resin inventory that is inaccurate, time consuming, and unsafe?

ResinView connects software to sensors to transform how plastics processors manage silo inventory.

The web application, built on the BinCloud platform, puts inventory wherever, whenever you need it.

Like QuickViews showing a color-coded silo status, automated text or email alerts so you know when resin levels are low, and a truckloads feature ensures an entire delivery can fit in the silo.

You can monitor the inventory of each silo at one or all locations and view and report inventory history and details for each silo.

ResinView lets you access inventory from a phone, tablet, or PC.

Plus, sensors can send data to a local display, HMI, or control room.

Best of all, ResinView is simple and affordable.

SmartBob, non-contact radar, or laser level sensors are installed on each silo.

Then gateways, long range transceivers, or analog expansion hubs send level data to the Cloud.

The ResinView subscription is charged per silo per year for about 10 cents a day.

And you can have as many company or supplier users as you like at no extra charge.

The setup, training, and ResinView software upgrades are free.

Isn’t it time you had an inventory system that was accurate, safe, and saved you time and money?

Contact BinMaster for a demo today.

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