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BinMaster: Change the Way You Manage Grain

Imagine you never had to climb another bin. And you could get your grain inventory anytime anywhere you needed it. It’s all possible with BinView.

BinView will transform the way you experience harvest and long-term grain storage while making a solid investment in your farm. BinView makes managing grain inventory easy.

Level sensors are mounted on the roof of your bins to automatically measure levels and eliminate climbing.

A popular sensor choice is the NCR-80 non-contact radar level sensor that cuts through dust and takes accurate measurements that update in just seconds.

Or, the mechanical SmarBob that drops a weighted cable to the grain surface at preset time intervals, replacing manual tape measurements.

The sensors are connected to the Cloud using a gateway that sends grain bin levels to the BinCloud platform and displays information in the BinView software program on your phone, tablet or PC. You can get a quick view of your bins and their status, clearly see when a bin has been partially emptied, and its new volume of stored grain, and view a trend line that shows you the volume of grain you had in the bin on any specific date.

Bins are assigned to a location if you have more than one group of bins. You can set up text and email alerts for either high or low levels, so when a bin reaches a high level during harvest, you don’t overfill it. Plus, you’ll know how much remaining headspace you have at harvest to optimize storage capacity.

Once harvest is over, your inventory is automatically updated each time you take grain to market, and you’ll always know how much grain you have on hand.

BinView software can convert your stored grain into bushels, so you can calculate its market value in minutes. Which can help you maximize profitability and sell when the price is right.

Isn’t it time to change the way you manage grain?

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