Monitor Tanks, Pressure, and Truckloads with BinCloud

Bin Master Sized

BinCloud from BinMaster (Lincoln, NE) takes your inventory in bins, tanks or silos and organizes it in one simple software. It does away with climbing vessels, manual measurements and spreadsheets. Instead, get one login to view current levels, place orders and generate reports. New features in BinCloud make inventory management increasingly easier, intuitive and convenient.

Plants using pressurized vessels in industries such as food and beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics and oil and fuel can use BinCloud to monitor tank pressure. CRUD functionality allows users create, read, update, and delete readings from pressurized tanks.

BinCloud stores data securely for report generation. You can export historical measurement data by a specific data range. Choose the columns of data you want and export reports to MS Excel., 402-434-9102

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