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Next-Generation Roll Pusher

If it’s round, the Appleton RollMover HD can move it.

Appleton Sized

The Appleton (Neenah, WI) RollMover HD features a new, Smart Lithium Battery and a rugged, high visibility, steel ergonomic design. Powerful, versatile and highly maneuverable, it moves heavy roll-able loads safely and easily. The Appleton RollMover HD is designed to easily and quickly move paper rolls, wire reels, vehicle chassis and many other types of products in a variety of industries. If it’s round, the Appleton RollMover HD can move it – safely, easily and efficiently. Features include:

•  A rugged, high-visibility ergonomic design that increases worker safety and improves mobility and productivity.

 A Quick-Charge and easy-to-change high-performance 36V Long-life Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery.

• In-depth, on-board, analytics that offer data on battery charge, performance and maintenance cycles.

•  Compact size and excellent maneuverability.

•  Adjustable speed control.

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