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Circuit Breaker Built for the Digital Industrial Era

A single, global platform to serve customers across industries and geographies — no matter the application.

The GuardEon molded-case circuit breaker.
The GuardEon molded-case circuit breaker.
GE Industrial Solutions

GE’s Industrial Solutions business (Dallas, TX) has introduced the GuardEon molded-case circuit breaker (MCCB), a global breaker platform built for the digital industrial era. Designed for tough, real-world applications, GuardEon features:

  • 4 frame sizes featuring common components, interchangeable accessories, and flexible options for field customization.
  • EntelliGuard air circuit breakers.
  • A rotating faceplate.
  • An ergonomic rotary handle.
  • A streamlined design with fewer internal parts than previous MCCBs.
  • PremEon trip unit, which serves as its brain, is offered in a standard version, PremEon S, or advanced version, PremEon G.
  • PremEon G allows users to monitor the breaker’s mechanical and electrical health.
  • The ability to collect and analyze performance data to help customers diagnose problems before they occur and make better-informed decisions about maintenance.
  • Remote monitoring and testing from a safer distance — outside the arc flash zone.
  • ArcWatch, which provides a system solution for simultaneous uptime and protection across connected equipment.

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