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Finishing World Feature: Precision Roughness and Contour Measuring

The MarSurf UD 120 offers nanometer range measurements, high measuring and positioning speeds and automatic probe arm recognition.

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Mahr Federal introduces their entry level surface finish and contour measuring system that can generate both surface and contour measurements in a single pass. The MarSurf® UD 130 replaces the MarSurf UD 120 and offers improved features, including:

  • Nanometer range measurements.
  • High-speed measuring and positioning.
  • A biomimetic probe design with improved rigidity and higher dynamics.
  • Automatic probe arm recognition.
  • Measuring speeds up to 5 mm/second.
  • A traveling length of 130 mm, Z- axis measuring range of up to 20 mm, and resolution of 2 nm.
  • A magnetic mounting system that allows probes to be changed quickly by hand.
  • Comes with a CNC software package for automatic measurement operation.

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