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Binmaster IoT Solution

Has the complexity of monitoring silo inventory been bugging you? Is every day an uphill climb trying to stay on top of your supply chain?

BinMaster can help you build an affordable IoT solution to easily move your inventory system to the Cloud to increase your productivity, so you can use less time and labor to monitor inventory every day.

BinMaster offers a swarm of network devices to reduce wiring costs and connect an existing or new level sensor system to the Cloud. Employees working on-site or remotely can access inventory data from the web regardless of the number of silos or tanks, or the size, location, or number of plants.

The BinCloud gateway receives measurement data from level sensors and sends it to a control room, BinView or Binventory software. The gateway sends updated level data in seconds to BinCloud software to access current inventory on the web from your phone, tablet, or PC using BinView, FeedView, or Binventory software. It costs just a few dollars per month per silo, and keeps productivity buzzing to make it safer and faster for employees to get inventory done because they arenโ€™t climbing or manually checking silos.

The LTR-100 long range transceiver allows data to fly through the air, transmitting data up to one mile line of sight, to eliminate long spans of wire and connects sensors with a 2- or 4-wire 4-20 mA output to the BinCloud gateway, making it economically feasible to connect remotely located silos.

The AEH-100 analog expansion hub is a convenient solution to connect an army of analog sensors to a single gateway. It connects up to 16 sensors to BinCloud via the gateway to view inventory from BinView software.

For sensors using the HART protocol, the HCM-100 HART consolidator module can accommodate up to 15 HART sensors in a daisy chain and connect them to a single gateway, making the network very affordable and simple to set up.

Take the sting out of the expense of connecting your silo inventory to the Cloud. Contact BinMaster at 800-278-4241 or to learn what the wireless buzz is all about.

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