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Airpads and Airbrators from BinMaster

Like a prize fighter training for a battle, material managers know the fight is on to stop bulk material from clogging silos and bins.

You can duck and weave, but eventually you’ll get jabbed with clingy material and high angles of repose.

Powders or bulk solids can be formidable fights and tend to hang up, buildup and, bridge.

Don’t throw in the towel. Make your bulk material flow with Airpads and Airbrators from BinMaster.

These are the tools to improve discharge of dry products from storage silos, dust collectors, weigh bins and IBCs.

Now, Let’s meet the contenders.

In this corner: Airbrator.

It promotes uniform flow through aeration and hopper wall vibration to keep material from bridging, rat holing and compacting.

Airbrator gives solids the old one-two punch.

Aeration delivers a hook of air energy to loosen up material so it flows easier. Minimum back pressure puts air energy where it’s needed the most – in the silo.

Aeration jabs with directional air flow. The fluidizer disk forces air along the bin wall to free up product and assure a good cleanout.

Then Airbrator swings a haymaker for the knock-out. Its vibration keeps product flowing without allowing it to compact or plug.

With Airbrator you’ll wear a championship belt for beating buildup. All the glory, none of the bruises!

Use any high- or low-pressure blower air from 5 to 60 PISG.

When compressed air is turn off, the Airbrator disk seals tight against the silo wall to prevent airline plugging.

The silicone pad won’t tear or wick up moisture. It ignores temperature swings stands up to process temperatures of 250° Fahrenheit.

Aaand, in this corner: Air Pads

This small, yet nimble buildup fighter adapts to bins of any size.

Multiple air pads installed intermittently along a sloped bin wall or cone keep material from packing and clinging for continuous material flow.

Air pads require only simple positive air displacement from a low-pressure blower up to 5 psig.

They’re adaptable to many industrial materials and foodstuffs.

It’s a draw. Either option is easy.

And the winner is you! Don’t be on the ropes about solving your material flow problems. Contact BinMaster today.

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