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Binmaster: NCR Compact Non-Contact Radars

Do you wish it were as easy to monitor tank inventory as it is to order take-out on your phone?

That is exactly what BinMaster had in mind with the new line of CNCR compact non-contact radars.

You want a solution that is Simple. Accurate. Convenient. Safe.  And Versatile.

Setup for CNCR sensors is done on the free Wireless Device Configurator Bluetooth app downloaded to your Android or iPhone.

Setup can also be done using a tablet or notebook.

These small sensors are packed with 80 GHz of power.

They perform reliably in steam, condensation, turbulence, or foam …

With accuracy of two-tenths of an inch.

The signal is focused in a very narrow beam to avoid structure and pinpoint the measurement location.

Their compact and light weight design makes them easy to install in tight spaces and in small containers.

Once installed, measurements can be taken using BinView or Binventory software or integrated into the plant’s PLC.

You can also get readings on your phone up to 80 feet away from the sensor using the Bluetooth app.

Or use a push button C-100-R console or digital panel meter to access level data from a walk or drive up location.

The CNCR makes the workplace safer by eliminating climbing tanks or working over open channels, basins, tanks, or sumps.

All models of the CNCR have ingress protection and are resistant to harsh materials and environments.

There are seven CNCR models configurable for your specific application.

The CNCR-100 series uses a pigtail to connect to a cable.

There are four models with a measuring range of 26 to 98 feet.

They are suitable for general purpose environments and have optional hazardous location approvals.

The CNCR 200 series mounts using a one-and-a-half-inch NPT or straight connection.

There are three models with a measuring range of 26 or 49 feet. The CNCR-230 offers an LED display.

The 200 series can be used to measure liquid levels through plastic storage tanks or IBC containers.

An optional LED display on the sensor housing makes readings accessible from the sensor.

Mounting of the CNCR is easy using either a wall or a ceiling mounted bracket. Short brackets place the sensor close to the wall, while the long bracket positions the sensor further into the tank.

If aiming is desired, a swivel mount can adjust up to 40 degrees in one direction.

Mounting plates in 1, 5, 10 or 30-degree angles are also available.

The CNCR is used in countless industrial processes to measure levels of wastewater, fluids, and additives in tanks, ponds, sumps, or basins.

And across many industries such as food and beverage, agriculture, fertilizer, and fat and oilseed processing.

It is suitable for use in fuel storage tanks…

… At chemical processors …

… municipal water and sewage plants …

…And in environmental applications for flood control, overflow prevention.

Tell us about your material and BinMaster will help you measure it.

To get a fast quote on the BinMaster CNCR call 1-800-278-4241 or visit

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