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Condition Monitoring Solutions

Error-free data is the foundation for successful decision-making.

Spm Instrument

In the digital world of Industry 4.0, condition monitoring solutions from SPM Instrument (Eugene, OR) deliver high quality, relevant data on multiple levels. This starts with raw, unprocessed sensor data, via data processed through sophisticated digital HD algorithms, and goes all the way through to refined, fully evaluated and actionable machine condition data. This capacity to provide intelligent and customized input on the required level of detail is unique.

Error-free data is the foundation for successful decision-making, for humans and for systems running on artificial intelligence. According to SPM, the high-definition data delivered by its condition monitoring solutions fully comply with the Industry 4.0 philosophy - providing more intelligent, superior-quality input perfectly suited for industrial IoT systems and Big Data mining. The result is more accurate predictions and sharper analysis.; 541-687-6869

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