Sensors Detect Tip-Over Conditions in High Vibration Environments

MEMSIC's new family of acceleration and tip-over sensor components.
MEMSIC's new family of acceleration and tip-over sensor components.

MEMSIC (Andover, MA) has announced a new family of acceleration and tip-over sensor components that includes four new sensors, the MXD6240 and 41AU, MXC6244AU, MXC6245XU. The new sensors provide tip-over and acceleration sensing in a range of automotive, industrial and consumer applications. The 624x Family features:

  • Thermal accelerometer technology that uses heated gas molecules to sense acceleration instead of a mechanical beam structure.
  • A transducer that exhibits a natural low-pass frequency response with virtually no mechanical resonance and high accuracy over a range of temperatures.

The MXD6240 and MXD6241AU autonomous inclination sensors feature:

  • 8 built-in, pin-programmable tip-over angle thresholds from 40 to 70 degrees.
  • A digital output that alerts the system to a tip-over or fall-down event.
  • Inherent low-pass response.
  • An internal anti-vibration filter provides >45dB attenuation above 25Hz, and >60dB attenuation above 50Hz.
  • Applicability in motorcycles and off-road vehicles, as well as engine control units and in applications when no microcontroller is available. 

The MXC6244AU and MXC6245XU are 2-axis I2C interface accelerometers that feature 1 mg of resolution. The MXC6244AU features:

  • ±8g full scale range.
  • Internal anti-vibration filter
  • 8 angle thresholds.
  • Programmability through the I2C interface.

The MXC6245XU features:

  • ±2g full scale range.
  • Applicability when the programmable anti-vibration filter or the 8 programmable tip-over angle thresholds are not required.
  • 12 bits of resolution (1 mg).

For more information, visit; or call 978-738-0900.

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