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Dumper for Mobile Bins

Opening a pneumatically-actuated slide gate valve at the spout outlet allows for dust-free discharge at controlled rates.

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A new TIP-TITE Hydraulic Dumper from Flexicon (Bethlehem, PA) discharges bulk solid materials from mobile bins at controlled rates into downstream process equipment or storage vessels free of dust. With the lid open, the bin is rolled into a receiving frame, which positions it over a lifting tongue centered inboard of the casters. Side bracing prevents lateral movement of the bin during tipping. After securing the bin in place with a safety-interlocked door, a pair of hydraulic cylinders raises the bin vertically, seating its rim against the underside of a rectangular discharge hood. A second pair of hydraulic cylinders then elevates and tips the assembly, causing the discharge spout on the hood to mate with a gasketed inlet ring fitted to the lid of receiving hoppers, storage vessels or process equipment for total dust containment. Other features include:

  • A pneumatically-actuated slide gate valve at the spout outlet, allowing for dust-free discharge at controlled rates. Closing the valve allows empty or partially empty bins to be returned to the plant floor with no dust emission.
  • The ability for the unit to be sized to accommodate bins with rim dimensions up to 48 in. (1220 mm) on a side, and up to 44 in. (1117 mm) in height.
  • A standard construction of carbon steel with stainless steel material contact surfaces, or in all stainless steel finished to food, dairy, pharmaceutical or industrial standards.
  • Optional receiving hoppers available integrated with the company's mechanical or pneumatic conveyors to transport discharged material to any plant location.

www.flexicon; 888-353-9426

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