BETEX Cone Heater

Qbc Sized

Quality Bearings & Components (Hicksville, NY), a Designatronics company, introduces the BETEX Cone Heater, used to heat bearings and other drive components. Developed specifically for the smaller workshop, the company describes it as an affordable alternative to larger induction heaters. When mounting bearings, gears, and other drive components it is extremely important to use the proper method to ensure ease of assembly, limit damage, and maximize component life cycle, says the company. The use of heat and shrink fitting is a safe alternative to open flame heating and oil baths, and the BETEX Cone Heater’s lightweight aluminum body ensures fast, even heating and the unique cone shape can accommodate multiple components in diameters of 10 mm to 203 mm simultaneously. The electric heater is offered in two models.; 516-616-0436

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