Flow Rack Targets Ergonomic ‘Strike Zone’

Creform Sized

Creform Corporation (Greer, SC) has introduced a new flow rack with stepped-up design that features three levels for product presentation in the ergonomic “strike zone” – e.g., the levels which are most conducive to ergonomic handling by an associate. Each level features two lanes, while one lane at the bottom level is an empty container return.

Each lane of the rack features physical separators on both sides so that the boxes are contained and separated as they flow down the lanes smoothly. Each supply lane features an extra angle at the picking position for enhanced view into the boxes and easier component selection and retrieval. With the stair-stepped design, each level can be raised or lowered without changing the length of the conveyor. Each of the cart’s levels can be repositioned or the entire flow rack can be customized with only simple tools, greatly simplifying adjustment. The stepped flow rack is suitable for manufacturing plants or for use in warehouses as it can present production parts to a manufacturing cell or used for order picking or kitting.

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