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Cyclops L Reaches Record Sales

The Cyclops L Portable Pyrometers are hand-held instruments for harsh and hostile environments.


AMETEK Land (Pittsburgh, PA), a manufacturer of monitors and analyzers for industrial, non-contact temperature measurement, announced its most successful handheld pyrometer reached sales of over 11,000 worldwide.

The Cyclops L Portable Pyrometers are hand-held instruments for use in harsh and hostile environments.

Providing point-and-measure temperature readings, the Cyclops is a non-contact, single-handed thermometer, designed to meet the specific process challenges of:

  • Liquid metal
  • High temperature
  • Medium temperature
  • Furnace applications

It offers portable accuracy, with onboard data storage allowing for the recording of up to 9,999 measurement points.  

A rugged instrument jacket protects Cyclops L against harsh conditions.

Other benefits include: 

  • Trigger operation 
  • Multi-function display panel and precise target viewing
  • Free software download
  • Wireless Bluetooth data transmission for accuracy and speed

The Cyclops is designed for accurate temperature measurement with ranges of 200 - 3000°C / 392 – 5432°F. 

Industries including glass, hydrocarbon processing, industrial processing and steel have seen the benefits of using the Cyclops for precision measurements.

AmetekAMETEK Land

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