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Allen-Bradley® ASEM™ 6300 System

ASEM 6300 PCs are designed to survive in harsh environments and feature advanced modular construction.

There are many industrial PCs available. While most of them give you similar functionality, they are not all the same.

With the Allen-Bradley® ASEM™ 6300 system as your industrial PC standard, you can expect more!

ASEM 6300 PCs are designed to survive in harsh environments and feature advanced modular construction. ASEM 6300B industrial box PCs have CPUs, memory, hard disks, and communication ports. ASEM 6300M industrial monitors feature display panel and touch screens.

ASEM 6300P panel PCs combine all of this functionality in a single package. Each of these product families are available in a wide variety of configurations, so you can optimize your investment and get just the solution you need.

Models are available with your choice of single-touch analog resistive touch screens or projected capacitive touch screen technologies, which provide an intuitive multi-touch. The frame around the outside of the display, also known as the bezel, is available in six different types, with a range of ingress protection capabilities.

The ASEM 6300 product line can help you meet your specific performance requirements.

Select from a range of CPUs from Intel Atom-class processors to ninth-generation Intel Core i7 processors.

ASEM 6300 systems are designed to cool themselves without the need for fans, helping eliminate the common issues with them, such as worn-out bearings and the chance of overheating. This makes them more reliable over time.

Since internal connectors can tarnish or shake loose, ASEM 6300 products have components soldered to a single circuit board, giving you greater immunity to shock and vibration.

ASEM 6300 systems carry the certifications that you need for global deployments including UL/cUL CE and KCC. Combining ASEM 6300 hardware with Rockwell Automation application software gives you a complete solution.

Choose from enabling technologies like ThinManager® or FactoryTalk® Remote Access™

All industrial PCs are not the same.

The ASEM 6300 portfolio of industrial PCs can satisfy all your diverse requirements, maximizing the value you receive from your industrial PC investment

By combining them with our control products, application software and Lifecycle Services, you can build a fully integrated solution for your toughest production control challenges.

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