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UPS Can Be Shut Down & Restarted Remotely

Power system offers fast, flexible deployment.

Eaton's new 700-1500 volt-ampere uninterruptible power system.
Eaton's new 700-1500 volt-ampere uninterruptible power system.

Eaton (Raleigh, NC) announced that it has enhanced its line of 9PX uninterruptible power system (UPS) products with addition of new 700-1500 volt-ampere (VA) models. The new models feature: 

  • Fast, flexible deployment with a graphical LCD menu and rack/tower form factor.
  • A variety of model types to make it adaptable to environments.
  • Integration with Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager software, providing the tools required for advanced management within physical and virtual environments.
  • Software that increases system uptime and data integrity by allowing IT professionals to remotely monitor, manage and control power devices.
  • Intuitive remote management with a Network Management Card (NMC) that allows users to reboot protected devices over SNMP/web, initiate live migration of virtual machines, remotely notify and send email/SMS notifications and alarms, and record data for historic trending and analysis.
  • The ability to remotely shut it down and restart it automatically with a new remote on/off (ROO) port. 

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