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Made in America: Fabrisonic

Fabrisonic is in the 3D metal printing game, but with a twist.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Fabrisonic is an upstart manufacturer that created Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM), an incredible 3D metal printing technology that uses sound to combine thin layers of metal. 

The company is a small operation of six employees who are based in the EWI World Headquarters at the Ohio State University. 

According to Mark Norfolk, President and CEO of Fabrisonic, his company is in the 3D metal printing game, but with a twist. 

Made in America is a new show from IEN that recognizes U.S.-based companies who remain committed to manufacturing in the United States. 

IEN gained exclusive access to tour some incredible facilities in the nation, and speak with the key figures crucial to the companies' success. 

The show is now in its second season. To recommend your company for an upcoming episode, email Tom Lynch at [email protected].

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