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Made in America: Pelican Products

Protecting all that you value. It’s a simple statement that’s tougher to back up, but for more than 40 years that‘s exactly what this American success story has been all about.

Protecting all that you value. It’s a simple statement that’s tougher to back up, but for more than 40 years that‘s exactly what this self-described American success story has been all about. 

Pelican Products has become a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protective cases and portable lighting systems for industries ranging from fire and rescue, law enforcement and the military to photography and consumer electronics.

Following its acquisition by Behrman Capital in 2004, Pelican Products began executing an aggressive growth strategy that included the purchase of its biggest case competitor, Hardigg Industries. This nearly doubled Pelican’s size and made it the largest manufacturer of equipment protection cases in the world. But that was just the start of things to come.

The Hardigg acquisition would be followed by deals that expanded Pelican’s product offerings into LED lighting, drinkware, luggage, covers for mobile devices, coolers, backpacks and temperature-controlled transport cases and shipping containers. 

In creating Pelican BioThermal, the company is also the largest temperature-controlled case manufacturer in the world, which has allowed it to diversify into other markets, including pharmaceuticals. 

Despite this growth, the focus always remained on quality. Quality and durability have been the corner stones of building the Pelican brand. The genesis of which comes from their 200,000 square-foot production facility and headquarters in Torrance, California. 

In addition to the 500 workers in Torrance, Pelican employs over 1,400 worldwide with additional manufacturing facilities in South Deerfield, Massachusetts and Plymouth, Minnesota. This focus on quality and the inherent expertise of its workforce is one of the reasons why Pelican remains dedicated to making its products in the U.S. 

While Pelican faces many of the same challenges as other U.S. manufacturers, they also operate in what have traditionally been high-cost manufacturing geographies. However, the company has seen how the right investments in technology, in-house processes and people continue to produce a strong ROI.

This dedication to making quality products in the U.S. has led to an incredible level of brand loyalty and an almost cult-like following of those who depend on Pelican’s cases and lighting products. A big part of this brand loyalty comes from the product’s reputation for reliability. Pelican cases and lights are subjected to a number of rigorous drop and submersion tests to ensure durability and performance.

A storied past and expanding product line focused on innovative solutions point to a bright future for Pelican Products. It’ a future they look forward to sharing with a passionate workforce and loyal customer base.


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