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Binmaster Remote Monitoring System

Do you feel disconnected from your inventory?

Do you find yourself here 

And your bins there?

Remote monitoring of your inventory with BinMaster connects you to your inventory wherever you are.

Plus, it keeps you on top of your game, sending alerts automatically to your phone or email.

 Let’s run through the configuration of a BinMaster remote monitoring system.

It starts with the sensor. Continuous level sensors are mounted on each silo.

 Using the appropriate sensor designed for measuring solids, powders, or liquids.

Non-contact radar, guided wave radar, SmartBobs, lasers, ultrasonics, or the 3DLevelScanner are some of the sensor types used to measure inventory levels.

 When a new measurement is taken, the data from the sensors flows seamlessly into the BinCloud gateway.

 BinMaster’s versatile gateway accepts 4 to 20 and digital inputs, supports multiple protocols, and updates in two to five seconds.

Next, the gateway instantly sends the measurement data to BinView software in the Cloud.

You can then access bin inventory from a phone, tablet, or PC using the device’s internet connection.

It’s as easy as logging into the BinView website.

Then viewing the information you need through the easy-to-use dashboard.

BinView lets you view bins and tanks containing liquids or solids for either a single location or multiple sites.

You can sort bins by material or alert status.

Historical reports are useful for understanding trends or forecasting future material needs.

 Purchasing and financial users can access the data they need for ordering and accounting purposes.

 BinView ensures everyone is looking at the most recent data and the same information, keeping plants on top of production and supply chain needs.

 BinView. It’s an easy way to stay connected to your inventory wherever you are.

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