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Binmaster Capacitance Probes

A versatile point level sensor used for level detection in bins, tanks, silos, and hoppers.


Capacitance probes are a versatile point level sensor used for level detection in bins, tanks, silos, and hoppers. They are used in powders and solids as well as liquids.

BinMaster’s PROCAP capacitance probes are mounted on the top, side, or cone of the vessel for high, mid, or low-level detection.

PROCAP probes measure the difference in the dielectric constant of the material versus the surrounding air allowing the sensor to detect the presence or absence of material The probes are very responsive, sensing changes in capacitance as small as just one picofarad.

Capacitance probes are used across many industries including plastics, chemicals, food and dairy, mining, wood pellets and paper, and concrete.

Capacitance probes are designed with features that make them accurate and reliable, even under rigorous or harsh conditions.

Fail-safe operation is ensured using an LED light on top of the unit to indicate the sensor status is covered, uncovered, or in a failed condition.

Quick set calibration using two single-turn potentiometers allows for sensitivity setting even when no material is present.

Pro-Shield protects against false readings due to buildup on the probe or bridging between the sidewall and the probe. This allows the probe to be used in dusty, sticky, or clingy materials.

The Time Delay feature minimizes false signals from sudden material shifts or splashing liquids. Users simply set a time delay of up to 30 seconds before alerting to a signal change.

PROCAP probes are immune to RF signals, ensuring interference-free operation from electronic plant equipment or two-way radios.

BinMaster offers an expansive choice of Delrin, Teflon, stainless steel and bare probes …  all custom assembled to a customer’s specification.

Probes can be approved for use in hazardous locations with explosion proof housings using either a standard or flush mounted sensing probe.

Food and pharmaceutical plants find sanitary probes with a threadless, clean-in-place, tri-clamp connection ideal for 3-A, USDA, or food grade use.

Flush mounted probes are non-intrusive and ideal for use on a vessel wall, conveyor housing, chute or tight spaces where material may damage a standard probe.

Heavy duty probes feature a 1” solid stainless-steel probe for use in high temperatures and heavy materials.

For hostile areas with high temperatures or vibration, remote electronics can be used to distance the electronics up to 75 feet from the sensing probe.

For fast installation, probes with auto-calibration set up in seconds with the use of a magnet.

A flexible cable extension up to 35 feet long can be added to top-mounted probes for instances where aggregates may damage a rigid probe.

A bendable probe can be used to avoid obstructions in a vessel and is a clever solution for use in smaller mixers or containers.

Compact probes are ideal for tight spaces such as chutes, conveyors, pipes, or small hoppers.

All models of PROCAP capacitance probes are made in the USA and are simple to use, offer long-lasting durability, and are maintenance free.

Call or visit BinMaster to discover how capacitance probes can help your operation measure up.

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