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BinMaster NCR-80 Non-Contact Radar

Measure the level of powders and solids regardless of dust, noise, silo material or geometry.

The BinMaster NCR-80 non-contact radar measures the level of powders and solids regardless of dust, noise, silo material or geometry.

This 80 GHz continuous level sensor utilizes a high dynamic range in a flush-mounted lens antenna to focus measurement.

The result is a narrow 4-degree beam angle that precisely targets a measurement point, allowing the avoidance of internal obstructions.

The powerful NCR-80 works reliably in vessels up to 393 feet tall, effortlessly penetrating high dust with an accuracy of 0.2 inches.

This is a significant improvement on 26 GHz radars that have difficulty with precision in the lower part of the silo or cause inaccurate readings in high dust situations.

The NCR-80 is used for inventory management -- streaming continuous level measurement data that updates in less than 1 second.

BinMaster offers multiple display options depending on where you need data access.

  • The optional BinDisc module displays outputs on the lid of the unit and can also be used to configure the NCR-80 sensor for setup.
  • The BPM-100 digital panel meter is a Modbus display module that can be mounted at a convenient location within the plant.
  • BinMaster’s unique Binventory software for your LAN, WAN, or VPN serves level measurement data for the NCR-80 and other BinMaster sensors to your desktop.
  • The BinView web app gives inventory data access from any Internet capable device
  • For operations with a central control room, use an NCR-80 with a 4-20 MA output to your HMI or PLC.

The BinMaster NCR-80 is offered in a variety of models with a wide range of mounting and output options.

The heavy duty, metal jacketed model with a robust stainless steel flange is available with a 10 degree swivel 4” to 8“ flange, a zero degree mounting plate for flat roofs, or 30 degree mounting flange for angled roofs.

The NCR-80 outfitted with a lightweight plastic antenna offers a 3” to 6” flange or a mounting strap for adjustable targeting.

The compact 1-1/2” NPT mounting option is convenient and economical for use in an existing process connection, with the BinMaster swivel mount offers up to 15° of aiming.

For powerful 80 GHz radar with the widest variety of models, communications, and mounting options count on BinMaster.

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