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Flat Magnetic Angle Sensors

Interfaces include analog, SPI and incremental.


Novotechnik U.S. (Southborough, MA) introduces the Vert-X 05E Series of magnetic  rotary position sensors with compact, flat housing. Interfaces include analog, SPI and incremental. The Series is available in single and redundant versions. Specifically:

  • The sensors are touchless magnetic angle sensors with a permanent magnet that can be secured to an application’s rotating shaft, so that there is no direct mechanical linkage between the shaft and the measuring system, and therefore no wear. 
  • Key specifications for Vert-X 05E include 5 mm profile, 0 to 360° measurement range, repeatability of 0.1° or better, and maximum hysteresis of 0.1°. Sample rate is up to 5 kHz and its active measurement region extends to within 6 mm from edge of housing.
  • The Vert-X 05E Series includes 5 and 24 V supply models. Analog outputs are 0.5 to 4.5 V for the 24 version and 10 to 90% of supply voltage for 5 V version. Positive output for CW or CCW rotation direction is achieved by flipping the assembly over.
  • Vert-X 05E versions have a MTBF of 668 years. All models feature an ingress protection rating of IP 68 and operating range of -40 to +125°C.; 508-485-2244

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