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Editor's Pick: Equipower Hydraulic Oil

It’s no secret; one of the best ways to ensure smooth-running hydraulic systems is to use the right fluid.

Lubrication Engineers offers its complete line of Equipower* Hydraulic Oils for use in hydraulic pumps, motors and systems in a variety of mobile and stationary applications. The line is comprised of Equipower Hydraulic Oil, Equipower Ultra Hydraulic Oil, and Equipower Ultra HVI Hydraulic Oil.

First up is Equipower Hydraulic Oil – available in ISO viscosity grades 32, 46 and 68. An anti-wear oil designed to ensure longer life for bearings and rubbing surfaces, it contains select base oils for oxidation resistance and an additive package that offers rust protection, anti-wear properties, and thermal stability. 

It is recommended for hydraulic systems that call for an anti-wear fluid, particularly those systems operating in highly contaminated environments or where excessive lubricant consumption is a concern.

Next is Equipower Ultra Hydraulic Oil – also available in grades 32, 46 and 68. A long-lasting, nonfoaming oil designed to protect hydraulic systems, Equipower Ultra offers superior protection against water contamination, rust, corrosion and oxidation. Featuring Monolec, LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive, this oil outperforms other commercial hydraulic oils in thermal, oxidative and hydrolytic stability. 

Rounding out LE’s line is Equipower Ultra HVI Hydraulic Oil – available in grades 22, 32 and 46. It is similar to Equipower Ultra in every respect except it is a high viscosity index formulation recommended for use where operating temperatures fluctuate widely on a daily basis.

Typical applications for both Equipower Ultra and Equipower Ultra HVI hydraulic oils include in-plant stationary equipment, as well as forklifts, construction equipment, well service equipment and utility service boom trucks.

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