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Wirecrafters: Tenant Storage Lockers


Wirecrafters developed Tenant Storage Lockers to provide flexibility, safety and security.

The lockers come in single- and double-tier designs. The single-tier, walk-in lockers are perfect for storing tenants' out-of-season belongings. The double-tier lockers are designed to do the same, but are a better fit for buildings that have limited storage space, but a large number of residents.

The all steel, welded mesh construction provides strength and security, and the lockers are configurable to fit in any space.

The standard storage locker includes the front door panel and side walls, but they can be customized with ceiling and back panels, shelves, and floor panels.

The doors are pre-hung; the hinges are already welded in place; and it takes just four bolts to connect a wall panel to a door panel. The lockers are easy to install and provide a low total cost of ownership.

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