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Sanitary Design Whirl/Wet Offers Zero-Shutdown Performance

The Whirl Wet is 95-99% efficient for soluble and insoluble particulate.

Tri Mer

Tri-Mer Corp. (Owosso, MI) has introduced a sanitary design version of its "MCD" Whirl/Wet dust collector.

MCD is the acronym for "modular conveyor disposal" and was designed for applications requiring a sanitary design that also have continuous or intermittently high dust loadings. Collected particulate is continuously removed from the collection hopper via a removable conveyor system, allowing operation (also routine maintenance) to continue, free of interruption.

OSHA and NFPA rules regarding volatile dust emissions have renewed interest in wet collection technology. The Tri-Mer Whirl/Wet collector is an excellent option for collecting virtually all particulate over 1 micron, whether or not the dusts are volatile. 

The original MCD Whirl Wet was manufactured in 100% polypropylene and is widely used for the collection of dusts from blending and bagging operations in sugar processing, cereal manufacturing, breading and spice blending. The newer sanitary design system – commonly constructed from stainless steel - is ideal for applications requiring both clean-in-place and external washdown capabilities without shutdown. Additionally:   

  • The Whirl Wet is 95-99% efficient for soluble and insoluble particulate.  Energy generated inside the unit prevents system clogging, therefore, the glutinous residues that are common with some dust collectors are not an issue.
  • The system is also unique in that it does not use common “high-maintenance” components, such as spray nozzles, pumps or dust bags.  Instead, the Whirl/Wet uses a proprietary process to create intense mixing of particulate and water. 
  • Whirl Wet dust collectors have no internal moving parts, are self-cleaning and energy-efficient. Water use is low: following the initial charge, water additions are only needed to compensate for evaporation and drag-out., 989-723-7838

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