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Multi-Axis Robotic Controller Has Flexible Programming

The controller is ideal for controlling six-axis robotic systems like hexapods.

The HEX RC from Aerotech is a 6-axis motion controller.
The HEX RC from Aerotech is a 6-axis motion controller.

The HEX RC from Aerotech (Pittsburgh, PA) is a 6-axis motion controller suited for controlling robotic systems like hexapods. The HEX RC is 4U rack-mountable and compatible with the Automation 3200 (A3200) motion platform. Additional features include:

  • A processor that provides the computing power needed to run up to 32 axes, perform complex, synchronized motion trajectories, manipulate I/O, and collect data at high speeds.
  • 6-axes of drives capable of controlling any combination of brush, brushless, or stepper motors.
  • The ability to digitally perform both current loop and servo loop closures.
  • The ability to connect and control up to 26 additional axes of servo, stepper, or piezo-driven stages using the A3200 distributed control architecture.
  • An ASCII command interface over TCP/IP for control in applications, such as beamlines.
  • The ability to act as a master controller to control other A3200 external drives with the FireWire interface.
  • Acceptance of amplified-sine or digital encoders.
  • Optional integrated encoder multipliers, up to X4096, for hgh-resolution positioning.
  • An optional 6-axis jog pendant permits manual control of the positioning system.
  • An emergency stop option with redundant safety relays can be added.
  • Program native RS-274 G-code, AeroBasic command set, C, C++/CLI, .NET, MATLAB, or LabVIEW for programming flexibility.

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