ATC Diversified Electronics Unveils Motor Controls

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ATC Diversified Electronics

ATC Diversified Electronics (Newell, WV) introduced its complete line of motor control products for original equipment manufacturers. The line includes contactors, disconnect switches, miniature circuit breakers, motor protection circuit breakers and overload relays. These products come with a 10-year warranty. 

Features of the complete line of motor control products:

  • UL listed, CE marked and suitable for diverse applications
  • Small size, easy installation and cross-compatibility

ATC’s non-reversing contactors share common accessories:

  • Reducing inventory
  • Allowing devices to be customized for each application
  • Small size and IP20 guarded terminals with dual terminal markings 

Non-fused disconnect switches deliver superior performance in the most rugged applications and are certified for motors up to 40HP at 480V (55kW at 400V). Panel/base and door mounting options allow switches to be installed in virtually any enclosure.

Purposes of the reliable overload and short circuit protection of ATC’s motor protection circuit breakers include:

  • Group motor installations.
  • Providing savings on space.
  • Labor and cost.
  • Used by themselves as manual motor controllers

ATC’s overload relays provide: 

  • Thermal Trip Class 10 overload protection for single- and three-phase motors.
  • Phase loss protection for three-phase motors. 

Features like IP20 guarded terminals with dual terminal markings, integral stop button and direct mounting help enhance the features and performance of existing equipment.

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