Dust-Free Transfer of Bulk Solids


Flexicon (Bethlehem, PA) offers their new Mobile Drum Dumper-Conveyor System that allows dust-free dumping of bulk solid materials from drums in conveying it to process equipment and storage vessels throughout the plant. Features include:

  • A TIP-TITE drum dumper that can accommodated drums from 30 to 55 gallons weighing up to 750 lbs. and measuring 36" to 48" height.
  • Can be mounted on a mobile frame with quick-action floor jacks to hydraulically raise the drum to form a dust-tight seal between the rim of a drum and the underside of the discharge cone.
  • A separate hydraulic cylinder tips the platform-hood assembly and drum, stopping at dump angles of 45, 60 or 90 degrees with a motion-dampening feature.
  • A vertically-oriented cone mates with a gasketed inlet port fitted to the hopper of the system’s flexible screw conveyor, and to any low-profile equipment throughout the plant.
  • A pneumatically-actuated slide gate valve prevents material flow until the discharge cone has been properly seated in the gasketed receiving ring.


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