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HVLS Fans with Direct Drive Technology

Rite-Hite has added two direct drive fan models to their current HVLS fan offering.

Rite Hite

New direct drive high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans from Rite-Hite (Milwaukee, WI) deliver the climate-control benefits of traditional HVLS fans with added benefits of direct drive motor technology. Rite-Hite has added two direct drive fan models to their current HVLS fan offering. The Revolution 75 Series is available in 8- to 24-foot diameters and ideal for larger, industrial spaces. The Revolution 25 Series is available in 6- to 12-foot diameters and incorporates a sleek blade design. Specific benefits include the following:

  • The direct drive fans come standard with the Fan-Commander 2.0 Touchscreen Control, a wireless station with 7-day customizable scheduling for up to 24 fans.
  • Controls can be accessed through a building management system or remotely from a PC or mobile device with standard Ethernet connectivity. Optional sensors can adjust fan operation based on ambient temperatures.
  • Fans were designed with simplicity and safety in mind. They are shipped pre-wired and factory configured for each application which helps reduce installation costs and time, and the wireless control station allows cooling to begin almost immediately.
  • Redundant safety features are integrated into all direct drive HVLS fan designs.

A single direct drive HVLS fan circulates large volumes of air, up to 85 feet from the fanโ€™s center in all directions and can cover up to 22,000 square feet. The fanโ€™s unique design directs air downward from the center in a conical shape creating uniform airflow from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall. Direct drive HVLS fans reduce moisture build-up on surfaces, improve overall indoor air quality and help boost productivity by reducing effective temperatures for workers.; 800-456-0600

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