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Editor's Pick: RapidTurn Transforms CNC Mill into Lathe

Attachment provides real CNC lathe functionality without taking up shop floor space.

Tormach's RapidTurn, a 5C CNC chucker lathe attachment.
Tormach's RapidTurn, a 5C CNC chucker lathe attachment.

Tormach (Waunakee, WI) has released the Tormach RapidTurn, a 5C CNC chucker lathe attachment designed for use with the company’s PCNC 1100 or PCNC 770 mills. Features include:

  • PathPilot, the company’s CNC machine control system that is designed for CNC machinists of all experience levels.
  • A space-saving design and quick setup.
  • A manual index plate with a locking pin.
  • The ability to securely position parts in 15° increments for secondary work with the PCNC’s primary spindle, making it ideal for cutting wrench flats or drilling cross holes on turned parts without additional setups.
  • A suite of accessories, including quick change tool holders, adjustable tailstock, tooling, and 3-jaw chuck.

For additional information, visit:; or call 608-849-8381.

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