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ALLU Blue Transformer Series Padding Bucket Helps with Solar, Wind Farm Construction Projects

The equipment increases productivity and reduces costs.

Allu Blue 800x600 Copy
Cross Country Infrastructure Services

Cross Country Infrastructure Services (Aurora, CO ) announced the ALLU Blue Transformer Series Padding Bucket. The equipment joins the SCAIP Pile-Driver and Padding Machine to provide many benefits that will increase productivity and reduce costs for solar and wind farm construction projects.


  • Used to process materials on site, to specification
  • Designed with True 1/2โ€ or 12mm sizing
  • Designed to process materials to project specifications
  • Reduces amount of time needed for manual labor

Cross Countryโ€™s SCAIP SDR-108 Pile Driver Machines features:

  • Designed to drive beams in excess of 20 feet into the ground
  • Fully automated
  • 100 gallon fuel tank
  • Automated GPS system that allows for accurate placement of beams without use of forward survey, string lines, plumb bobs or lasers

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