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Endress+Hauser Introduces New Flowmeter Line

Proline 10 is the newest in Proline Promag electromagnetic flowmeters.

Proline 10 provides a high level of simplicity, safety and reliability.
Proline 10 provides a high level of simplicity, safety and reliability.

Endress+Hauser (Greenwood, IN) introduced Proline 10 in its new line of flowmeters.

Uncompromisingly simple

Every device is tested on accredited and traceable calibration rigs per ISO/IEC 17025. Proline 10 provides a high level of simplicity, safety and reliability.

Simplicity starts with end users selecting the optimum device for their application quickly without overlooking any important order options. All the transmitter functions share the goal of making handling of the device as easy as possible. Commissioning and operation can be done quickly in the field and in the control room.

A commissioning wizard enables on-site configuration with either the auto-rotatable and high-contrast LCD touch screen or the SmartBlue app via Bluetooth. The latter approach is useful when devices are installed in difficult-to-access locations.

If warning or error messages occur during operation, Proline 10 provides guidance via integrated device diagnostics which categorizes errors in accordance with NAMUR NE107, visualizes the cause of each and offers appropriate remedies to provide error-free operation.

Designed for basic applications in all industries

Proline Promag electromagnetic flowmeters are suited for measuring the flows of conductive liquids and for volume measurement of water and corrosive liquids (Promag W/H/D 10) and chemically aggressive fluids (Promag P 10).

The flowmeters meet the demands of basic applications in the water and wastewater, food and beverages, mining, minerals and metals, chemicals, power and energy, life sciences, utility, and other industries. They can be used for measuring raw water, cooling water, process water or wastewater. Typical applications include volume measurement, consumption measurement, process monitoring, pump control and dosing measurement.

Promass K 10 Coriolis flowmeters measure the mass flow of both liquids and gases in utilities, with minimal operating costs to maintain the flowmeter. The device can be used for filling and dosing tasks, process monitoring, pump control, consumption measurements and more.

In the chemical industry, Promass K 10 is used to measure the mass flow of liquids such as acids, alkalis, cleaning agents and solvents, oils, alcohols and liquid hydrocarbons.

In the food and beverage industry, the device measures the admixture quantity of animal fats (e.g., butter) or carbon dioxide (COβ‚‚) during beverage carbonization. Promass K 10 is a device for accurate quantity measurement in submetering distribution networks. In the life sciences industry, it can be used for mass flow measurement of purified water for injection purposes on process skids. In the utility industry, users benefit from efficient and cost-saving mass flow measurement of liquid and gaseous fuels.

Simply clever – multivariable and usable everywhere

Proline 10 provides optimum product quality and process monitoring measurements via the simultaneous measurement of additional process variables. In addition to mass flow, Promass K 10 measures volume flow, temperature and optionally density. With its Gas Fraction Handler function, Promass K 10 provides reliable and accurate measurements of even inhomogeneous liquids with entrained gas.

Proline Promag 10 is optionally available with conductivity measurement (Promag W/P/H) or temperature measurement (Promag H). Promag W and P can be ordered with grounding-free measurement, which is based on the floating measurement concept.

Another order option is β€œ0 x DN full bore” for the Promag W 10. Electromagnetic flowmeters with this option can be installed without inlet and outlet runs. The design without tube restriction results in no pressure loss.

Heartbeat Technology – for maximum operational safety

The Heartbeat Technology option provides permanent self-diagnostics with the highest level of coverage, as well as a traceable device verification without process interruption. The integrated real-time clock ensures each verification receives an automatically generated time stamp. Heartbeat Technology reduces risks in a plant, thus increasing reliability and availability.


HistoROM data storage ensures maximum data security before, during and after servicing. All device parameters are stored securely on the HistoROM data storage module and are automatically reloaded after maintenance work or transferred after a device is replaced. Installation and maintenance are therefore easy and quick, reducing downtime.

Transmitter for seamless system integration

Promag and Promass sensors can be combined with four different Proline 10 transmitters:

  • Without display, measurement data can be queried via communication protocols.
  • Two status LEDs, operated via Bluetooth with the SmartBlue app.
  • A 2.4" LCD display which can be used to read data, with the SmartBlue app is used for configuration and operation.
  • A 2.4" LCD touchscreen that can be operated with common touch gestures, or by using the SmartBlue app.

Proline transmitters make no compromise in terms of performance and accuracy. Digital signal processing begins in the intelligent sensor and is the basis for reliable, exact measurement. The transmitter can simultaneously record multiple measured values and forward them to a process control or monitoring system. Complete access to all measurement data, including diagnostic data acquired by Heartbeat Technology, is possible at any time thanks to digital data transmission over HART or Modbus RS485, and over the corresponding 4-20 mA signal outputs.

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