Low Silicate GMAW Solution Helps Reduce Post-Weld Cleanup, Improve Paint Adhesion

Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric (Cleveland, OH) has introduced a Low Silicate GMAW solution that delivers high-speed, low-spatter welds with low-surface silicates to reduce post-weld cleanup and improve paint adhesion. The solution addresses heightened industry requirements for increased corrosion life on automotive frames, sub-frames, and suspension components, which have created significant challenges for suppliers.

The Low Silicate GMAW solution combines a new Rapid X LS waveform and a specifically formulated SuperArc XLS filler metal. The innovative chemistry of SuperArc XLS filler metal produces GMAW welds with significantly reduced surface silicates, increased corrosion resistance due to improved paint adhesion, and smoother arc operation that reduces spatter and improves arc stability. In corrosion tests with identical pre-treatment and paint coating types, SuperArc XLS demonstrated improved corrosion resistance both on the weld bead and at the weld toes.


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