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Schottky Bridge Rectifiers Feature 1.2 mm Profile Package

Company says the surface mount case height is 54% lower than the comparable HD DIP.

Central Semi Cbrdfsh
Central Semiconductor

Central Semiconductor (Hauppauge, NY), a manufacturer of discrete semiconductors, has introduced the CBRDFSH series, a new family of Schottky bridge rectifiers. These full wave bridge rectifiers use individual glass passivated die to reduce leakage and improve performance and reliability. 

Additional features include:  

  • Availability in 1.0A - 2.0A, 40V - 100V options.
  • A low profile BR DFN surface mount case that is 1.2 mm in height, 54% lower than the comparable HD DIP. 
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Forward voltage (VF) as low as 500mV.
  • Applicability in Power over Ethernet (PoE), intelligent lighting and power adapters, or anything requiring a space saving and energy efficient Schottky bridge rectifier.

The series includes the following devices: 

  • CBRDFSH1-40 (1A, 40V)
  • CBRDFSH1-60 (1A, 60V)
  • CBRDFSH1-100 (1A, 100V)
  • CBRDFSH2-40 (2A, 40V)
  • CBRDFSH2-60 (2A, 60V)
  • CBRDFSH2-100 (2A, 100V)

Samples are available upon request. 

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