New UL Listings for Foam Concentrate

ANSUL NFF 3x3 UL201 Concentrate provides fast, effective fire suppression.

Johnson Controls Sized

Johnson Controls (Milwaukee, WI) has announced new UL 162 and ULC-S564 equipment listings for ANSUL Non-Fluorinated NFF 3x3 UL201 Alcohol Resistant Synthetic Foam Concentrate. ANSUL NFF 3x3 UL201 Concentrate provides fast, effective fire suppression on most Class B hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuel fires. It passes the UL 162 synthetic foam concentrate protocol and the UL 162 AR-AFFF test protocol for Type III hydrocarbon fuel at a 3-to-1 expansion ratio.

The newly listed foam concentrate proportioners include:

  • ANSUL 1.5-inch PL-60 portable inductor with ANSUL HL-60 nozzle

  • ANSUL bladder tanks with 2- and 2.5-inch threaded controllers

  • ANSUL bladder tanks with 3-, 4-, 6-, and 8-inch flanged or wafer controllers

  • ANSUL IBP-6 and IBP-8 in-line balanced pressure proportioners

  • SKUM 6-inch TPW MK3 and PPW MK3 wide range proportioners

The newly listed foam discharge devices include:

  • ANSUL FLR-30 rim seal foam pourer

  • ANSUL AFC-90, AFC-170, AFC-330, AFC-550 foam chambers/makers

  • ANSUL Oscillating Flange foam monitor with AFN-1 nozzle

  • ANSUL HL-60 and HL-95 handline nozzles

  • Tyco Fire Products model B1 upright and pendant style foam water sprinklers

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