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World’s First Global Explosion-Proof Collaborative Paint Robot

It’s designed for industrial painting, coating, powder and fiberglass reinforced plastic applications.

Fanuc Sized

FANUC America (Rochester Hills, MI) recently unveiled the new CRX-10iA/L Paint collaborative robot at Automate in Chicago. As the first explosion-proof collaborative paint robot for use and sale globally, FANUC’s CRX-10iA/L Paint cobot will unlock the benefits of automation for more companies in the painting, powder and/or gel coating with fiberglass reinforcement industries. The new FANUC cobot not only will help boost all types of paint operations including high-mix, low-volume applications, but also is designed to comply with the stringent explosion-proof safety standards required in the United States.

FANUC CRX cobots have helped automate more applications, including pick and place, palletizing, machine tending and welding, for more companies of all sizes and automation experiences. With the addition of the CRX-10iA/L Paint collaborative robot, now even operations with no robotics experience can quickly and effectively deploy cobots to automate their painting and coating processes by using “easy-teach” features, including drag-and-drop programming and “lead through teach.” The benefits of automating include better quality and more consistent finishes as well as cost and waste savings by 

Collaborative robots offer flexible automation with a small footprint and force-sensing technology that enable them to work safely around people. In addition to the standard safety certifications included with the CRX line of cobots, the CRX-10iA/L Paint is designed to be compliant to global explosion-proof safety certifications, including IECEx, ATEX, Canada, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and Brazil., 888-FANUC-US 

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