3D Model & CAD Library with over 70 Native Extensions

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EXAIR.com offers a great number of resources to help our customers make informed decisions. Building an effective and efficient compressed air system involves many factors, and having exact information is necessary when piecing the puzzle together. For this reason, EXAIR (Cincinnati, OH) provides over seventy 3D model and CAD drawing extensions for products on its website, enabling time savings and accuracy by allowing users to download the exact type of file needed. This library has all the information needed to ease the design and implementation process for engineers, maintenance and safety personnel.

EXAIR’s 3D model and CAD (Computer-aided design) library provides 70 plus native extensions including DWG, Catia, Inventor, STL, STP, SAT, Solidworks, Sketch Up and more, for immediate viewing and download. Products on EXAIR.com include a full diagram and description of how they work with a wide range of download formats, and even the ability to inspect, turn and manipulate the product with a full interactive 3D viewer. For an engineer designing a well-run process, having the correct parameters, and understanding possible constraints is pivotal to the success of the design. EXAIR’s 3D and CAD model library aims to make that information readily available and easily accessible in whatever format a customer may need.

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