GM Punishes Car Flippers; Jeep Closes Plant; Hershey Bails on Halloween | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 79

Also on the podcast, Rivian sounds the alarm, Beyond Meat is spoiling, Purina opens cat food-inspired restaurant, female engineers get $2.3M for wage discrimination and miners ordered to pay $13M.

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In each episode, we discuss the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week:

Plant-Based Meat Company is Spoiling - @2:14

Beyond Meat has had a tough go of it lately.

Rivian Sounds Alarm on EV Rebate Changes - @11:54

Senate Democrats last week announced legislation that aims to combat climate change and rising healthcare costs, among other issues.

Hershey Warns it Can't Meet Halloween Demand - @20:54

Hershey is already anticipating supply to fall short for the popular fall holiday. Why? Americans are eating more candy.

Jeep Closes Only Chinese Plant - @28:17

Stellantis is making some changes. According to Bloomberg, the automaker has concerns over Chinese operations.

GM to Punish 'Exorbitant' Car Flipping - @35:06

Auto consumers are running into yet another roadblock, markups.

In Case You Missed It

Female Engineers Awarded $2.3M in Wage Discrimination Settlement - @46:14

Esri is a digital mapping and analytics company in Redlands, CA. The company this week entered into an agreement with the U.S. Department of Labor to resolve allegations that the company, a federal contractor, paid 176 female employees less than their male counterparts in 2017.

Purina to Open Cat Food-Inspired Restaurant - @51:02

Purina has announced a new restaurant concept that’s inspired by its Fancy Feast brand of wet cat food.

NLRB Orders Miners to Pay More Than $13M - @55:18

A federal oversight board ordered the United Mine Workers of America to pay more than $13 million in compensation to an Alabama coal company where members have been on strike for more than a year, a ruling the union said Wednesday it would challenge.

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