Most Stolen Cars; Ford to Cut 8,000; Amy's Kitchen Closes Plant | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 77

Also on the podcast, Nissan pulls plug on Leaf, Chinese GPS tracker highly vulnerable, GM HQ stays in Detroit, space factory to make "impossible" products and a trucker protest shuts down U.S. port.

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In each episode, we discuss the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week:

Nissan to Pull the Plug on Pioneering EV - (@2:33)

As the strong winds of change blow through the EV industry, the Leaf has fallen.

Chinese-Made GPS Tracker Highly Vulnerable - (@9:25)

An automotive GPS tracker made in China has severe software vulnerabilities.

Amy's Kitchen to Close 11-Month-Old Plant - (@19:23)

Amy’s Kitchen is closing its San Jose frozen foods plant and cutting 300 workers.

Ford to Cut 8,000 Jobs - (@29:49)

A Bloomberg report says that Ford may be making some huge job cuts.

The Most Stolen Cars of 2021 - (@36:56)

Nearly 1 million vehicles were stolen in 2021. Historically high used car prices have thieves salivating.

In Case You Missed It

GM HQ Staying in Downtown Detroit - (@46:55)

For now, anyway.

Space Factory to Build Materials 'Impossible to Manufacture on Earth' - (@51:00)

UK-based startup Space Forge wants to send a factory into outer space, where it can take advantage of extreme conditions to build electronic components, metal alloys and pharmaceuticals that would be “impossible to manufacture on Earth.”

Trucker Protest Shuts Down Operations at California Port - (@55:27)

Protests have shut down cargo operations at the Port of Oakland. 

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