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SUV Stops Bullets Without Spilling the Minibar

The Sentry Civilian is not your mother's SUV.

In case you were wondering if customization in the automotive realm was beginning to slow, the Sentry Civilian is here to reassure you that is not the case.

Designed and manufactured by Toronto-based Inkas, a provider of bullet-resistant vehicles, the Sentry Civilian looks to combine military-level security with J-Lo-level luxury.

On the exterior, the SUV features bullet-resistant windows, run-flat tires and armored passenger compartments. Added touches like reinforced areas around the frame, including the door hinges, add to the vehicle’s impenetrable design.

A newly available upgrade to BR6-level armor ensures protection against assault rifles and grenades. So, basically the only thing capable of penetrating the vehicle would be armor-piercing rounds fired from a high-powered sniper rifle.

And while all that security is nice, what really counts, of course, is what’s on the inside. Especially when this includes diamond-stitched leather captain chairs with their own heating and cooling controls; a retractable TV that also serves as a partition, an optional minibar, and tables that can retract to create more … leg room.

The Sentry Civilian is built on the Ford F-550 platform and is powered by a 6.7-liter diesel V8, with upgrades to the suspension and brakes to handle the added weight without sacrificing maneuverability, whether you’re navigating urban streets or going off-road.

Inkas builds each of the $350,000 Sentry Civilians to order, with availability worldwide.

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