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SWAT Teams Power Up with Bulletproof Bulldozer

The Rook comes with integrated night vision and a dispenser for pepper spray.

The Tallahassee Police Department recently joined the ranks of about 25 other local law enforcement agencies when it purchased The Rook.

Manufactured by St. Augustine, Florida-based Ring Power, the 6.5-ton "armored critical incident vehicle" is built on the chassis of a CAT bulldozer.

The vehicle comes with integrated night vision, a dispenser for pepper spray, and level IV armor capable of stopping armor-piercing rounds.

It can also be outfitted with a grapple claw or forklift attachments for removing barricaded doors or debris, or as a vehicle extraction tool.

The TPD will use a Ford F-550 to tow the $325,000 vehicle, which will not only be utilized for SWAT applications, but for recovering from natural disasters like hurricanes.

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