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Trade School Perception Improves

Despite the dramatic cost differences, most Americans don't think college is better than trade school.

According to a survey conducted by, an online provider of equipment rental solutions, 33% of Americans think trade school is a better option than college.

Of the remaining responses, only 9% thought trade school was a worse option than college, while 58% viewed them as equally good choices.

When asked about the benefits of a trade school program versus a college degree:

  • 35% cited accruing less debt – up from 27% last year.
  • 30% thought they had a better chance of finding a job – up from 21% last year.
  • 27% liked the shorter programs.
  • 20% felt there was better job security.

According to the site, the average college degree costs $127,000. In comparison, a trade school certification runs about $33,000.

To see the full survey, go to

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