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Tech Co. Offers Workers $20K to Move

But there's a catch ...

The impacts of the pandemic on workers have been significant.

For many, locations have changed as more businesses have allowed β€” and will continue to allow β€” working from home.

Stripe, the payment processing company, is the latest tech business to make headlines over its changing policies.

Stripe, with 16 offices worldwide, has a presence in some of the most expensive cities to operate, including New York and San Francisco.

As work-from-home becomes permanent for some workers, sky-high salaries related to the cost of living in these urban areas are being reconsidered.

According to Forbes, Stripe has alerted some workers they are eligible for a $20,000 bonus if they move to a less expensive location.

The catch is each employee who takes the deal also gets a 10% pay cut.

The market-based salary policies are becoming more common, and Bloomberg has reported that Twitter and Facebook have taken similar steps.

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